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Research question of this experiment is whether there is a congruity effect between the valence of a word and spatial movements (up and down). We tested this idea using valence words (positive and negative) written in green or blue as targets and up and down movements as responses (according to the color of the word).

Our hypothesis is that RT will be slower if the valence of a word and the response movement are incongruent (e.g. positive + down-movement).



6 university students (5 female) voluntary participated in this experiment. All of them were native speakers of Russian.


The stimuli were 60 valence words, 30 positive (e.g. мудрый, здоровый, достойный) and 30 negative (e.g. жалкий, грубый, голодный).

Procedure and design

The experiment was implemented using E-prime software (Psychology Software Tools Inc., 2016). The stimuli were presented on a white background. Each trial was initiated by pressing the central button (#5) and started with the 500-ms presentation of a central fixation cross. Then a word appeared written in blue or green. The task was to press a button according to the color (#8 for green and #2 for blue) on a standard keyboard with their dominant hand with the index or point finger. After the response (or after 2 s. if participants didn’t respond) a blank screen appeared. Participants had to press the central button (#5) to initiate the next trial (if participants didn’t press the central button the next trial started in 2 s.). This was made so that participants always came back to the neutral position.

The design applied was 2 (word: positive vs. negative) x 2 (movement: up vs. down).

Results and discussion

Prior to the RT analysis error trials were discarded.

The mean response time for both conditions was 484,2 ms. The mean RT for the congruent condition was 476,9 and for the incongruent 490,6.

These results confirm our hypothesis and show that the valence of the word affects spatial processes. But it’s necessary to conduct a real experiment to make sure that this effect is significant.



Psychology Software Tools Inc. (2016). E-Prime [Computer software]. Retrieved from

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